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The Reinke name is synonymous with center pivots. Our design and materials add up to a system that is lighter weight, more efficient and longer-lasting than comparable systems.

We fabricate our systems with high strength materials to reduce weight and withstand many years of rigorous use in all types of field conditions. The result: reduced stress on the drive train and minimal wheel tracks. Ownership and maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

The Reinke pivot point is engineered to withstand the stress and force exerted on it by the pivot system under all field conditions. The clean open design allows easy access to the controls while it provides a safer setting and simple access to other components requiring minimal maintenance. It can easily be retro-fitted to any substantial competitive pivot pad when the need to upgrade existing equipment is required.
Albsmeyer Electric, Inc. is a fully authorized Reinke dealer for new pivots, parts, and service and we have a Reinke Platinum Plus certified technician. Our team will work with you on everything from custom design, to installation, to making sure your irrigation system performs as expected year after year after year.

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